Prepare your family with the best-selling children's book for the prevention of sexual abuse.

"The Most Important Book You Will Own As A Parent"

“Everyone should have this book. I wish I had 100 of these to pass out to every parent I know. I am a social worker and my mom was a therapist for adolescent sex offenders. Children and parents need to have these discussions and know what red flags are. Buy the book. Buy ten more and pass them out.

Elizabeth Alexander
Amazon Reviewer

Wow, what an amazing book. It was very well received by my children, and produced some wonderful, thoughtful conversation with them. I highly recommend it.

Elizabeth Licitra

Goodreads reviewer

This was exactly what I was hoping it would be! I felt like I needed help with the conversation. The best part were the scenarios of tricks and bribes. All of the children understood on their level. Fantastic and I would recommend this to anyone with children.


Goodreads reviewer

I can’t stress enough how good this book is and how important this topic is. Nothing in this book will make you as a parent uncomfortable to read if you’re willing to have this conversation in the first place. It said all of the things I wanted to tell my kids, but wasn’t really sure how to put into words. Plus it gives clear actions “say no”, “get the heck out of there (if you can)” that kids can use if they get into a situation like this. Difficult subject, but I as far as I can tell it’s the best book out there on this topic and very well done.


Amazon Reviewer

This is a book review of the best book I have come across about how to encourage children to stay safe, without scaring them . . . I am really impressed with it . . .  it can be personalised and talked about in bite sized chunks . . . we have had some fun, foot stamping and waving pretend red flags, and shouting NO, I SAID NO, at the top of their voices… [it] has certainly turned a depressing but necessary topic into an hour of fun, getting a serious message across to children but in a fun (or can be made to be fun) way.

Samantha Gadsden

National Virtual Doula, New South Wales

Excellent for therapists and concerned parents…

I am a licensed trauma therapist. I work with small children that are victims of sexual abuse. I’ve been searching for a book that relates information on boundaries to their level. This book is perfect. I think anyone getting this for their kid needs to be aware that there is a lot of information in this book and break down sections in smaller pieces, so they can absorb the material. I’ve created flags to go with it, so I give kiddos situations that are safe and not safe. Excellent book. Highly recommended.


Amazon reviewer

This book came to be because of the experience of one little boy named Zack. After his bad experience Zack and his mom wanted to help other kids learn how to stay safe. Here is his story.



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So your kids can clearly communicate in case of a problem, it’s important to teach them the correct anatomical terms for their privates parts.

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