Teach Kids Body Safety Boundaries

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Before kids can understand how to identify red flags, kids need to learn body safety boundaries. It is essential that parents teach young children that some parts of the body are private.

For boys the parts of the body that are beneath underwear are private;  for girls, the parts that are under underwear and an undershirt are private. There are many good reasons for parents to use clinical names for private body parts.

Kids need to be taught there are special rules for private body parts: there are only a few people (such as a parent, caregiver, or doctor) who should see or touch private areas of their body. The special rules will depend on the age and needs of a child, but the rules should be clear. Children should know that no one should ask them to keep a secret about anything that involves the private areas of anyone’s body.

Share the knowledge. The more adults who know and care about childhood sexual abuse the safer all of our kids will be.

Spread the word.

About the Author

Kimberly King is a child-development professional, certified early-childhood educator and speaker. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in early childhood development and family studies from University of Maine and a Master of Science degree in early childhood education. She is the author of “I Said No!,” a best-selling children’s book about sexual-abuse prevention, and “When Your Parents Divorce,” a kid-to-kid guide to dealing with divorce, and "Finding Your Fit" a kid-to-kid guide to fitness, food and feelings, in collaboration with Jim White.

King lives with her family in the Coastal Virginia region and is available for media interviews, school visits, and author signings.


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